Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hawaii - Big Island - Manta @ Mauna Kea Beach

Mauna Kea - Manta & Pavilion Bar

This is a historic post about two meals I ate over a year ago but I still drool when I think about them, so its never too late to post...Lets go back to February 2010 on my favorite rock in the pacific, Hawaii.

This is one of my favorite hotels on earth and my favorite white sand beach on the Big Island.

I stayed at the Hotel on the last night of my vacation last year, its was a free night from stays so I only paid $30 in taxes for this 5 star resort.  Given that I had "saved" so much money, I immediately went and splurged on food.   I had an amazing solo outdoor diner  @ Mantas and an even better AYCE brunch at same place next AM.  Best meal(s) in years.  Sadly my wife had left for the mainland the day before, so I had to enjoy this majestic place on my own.  Trust me I ate for two both at dinner and brunch the next morning.

I highly recommend, if you are not staying at the Muana Kea Beach Hotel, to go there early one day for the "Beach Brunch."  Get a nice parking spot (best luck b4 10am), go up to the restaurant feast on some ono brunch and then plant yourselves on a primo beach the rest of the day.  That is a perfect foodie vacation day on the Big Island's North Kohala Coast.  Enjoy the food and the post-splurge "Polynesian Paralysis" aka food coma!

I didnt get dessert but if I had to choose from this list, the Portuguese Sweetbread French Toast no doubt.  Altho the Chocolate Beet cake with Corn Ice Cream and Jake & Coke sauce is a strong 2nd.  

View from outdoor table to the beach below.

Brunch buffet of subtropical goodness.

Brunch dim sum w/ sauce

Desserts and Kona Coffee

Open kitchen with a great view.
Looking down towards the buffet tables and past the waffle station.

Manapua, Rib Roast, Eggs cooked to order onion and green bean tempura, and crab legs.  Awesome sauces below with the dim sum decorations.

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